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In Gousto, Ben worked as part of our squad and supported us with the delivery of a number of large technology change initiatives to enable a new factory being rolled out. A lot of the technology we developed over that period now underpins our largest fulfilment centre.

Ben speaks the same language as engineers, he is highly skilled at creating a work environment which promotes high morale and speed in delivery. Ben challenged and worked with us to promote agile principles and to work smart. Ben takes the lead in driving the improvements he recommends, this hands-on approach is exactly what we needed.

Agile coach aside, Ben was highly versatile and quick to offer support in anything - within and outside the scope of the role. I would highly recommend engaging Ben if you require support in embedding agile principles within your organisation.
Rob Thorne
Senior Product Manager
Before working with Ben our Agile processes could be shallow and unimaginative. Ben transformed that by facilitating workshops and retrospectives that encouraged us to think at a high level about our goals, brought new perspectives and new frameworks through which to break down problems. Through these group sessions Ben fostered a culture of awareness and continuous improvement to our delivery practices and our team now continually adapts them as circumstances change.

Ben has a lean mindset and believes that a team’s process should be tailored to their most effective ways of working. He helped us refine and streamline our processes: meetings that used to drag on were quickly snappier and focused, actions that were previously left to gather dust were reframed or removed. By making use of data he enabled us to find patterns in what worked for us, and where to find opportunities to improve. Consequently, our team became more confident in taking on complex projects and in our ability to deliver to forecasts.

Ben was excellent on a 1 to 1 level, he spent time with each member of the team and coached them in areas of particular interest. In these sessions, he shared his knowledge and helped us develop new skills so our team is now well equipped to take on new challenges.

I can highly recommend Ben as an Agile Coach, his action-led approach and breadth of experience made him a valuable addition to the team. I’m sure we’ll continue to benefit from the time we had together.
Chloe Mingay
Software Engineer
I worked with Ben for about a year and Wow! What an impact he had on me and the many people he engaged with.

Straight talking, informed, empathetic, authentic, supportive and so much more. It just depended on what was needed at a particular point in time. What stands out is a careful balance between discipline and pragmatism, always with the individual or team needs to anchor the conversation. Ben holds space with a huge amount of awareness and ease face to face and virtually. We had plenty of laughs along the way too.

I’m truly grateful to have worked with such a talented and highly motivated Coach.
Satvinder Nota
Agile Coach
At the start of 2016 the My Energy programme went through another evolution of their Agile standards as the Head of Delivery and Head of Product wanted to move into a more flow based process.

Agile maturity in the teams was relatively low so we brought in Ben as our Agile Coach to help move the things forward.

Since joining Ben has been incredible and patient with all stakeholders and the team as they went through change. From release planning and story writing within the Product Team to process flow within the delivery teams Ben was always on hand. The results can be seen by the consistent delivery that is coming out of the My Energy teams.

Ben is a person that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with, learnt from and deeply respect. He is an asset to any company that he chooses to work for and I will always work with him again.
Justin Heaver
Head of IT Delivery
When I joined Gousto, Ben had recently helped to form my team. From our first interaction I was impressed with Ben's organisational ability, and the way he facilitated our group to break down and solve complex problems.

With Ben's support, the team formed healthy, adaptive agile practices. This allowed us to manage expectations with stakeholders, set realistic forecasts and deliver with credibility. He helped us understand our flow of work and how various priority or technology decisions affect our ability to deliver.

Ben communicates with clarity and integrity, helping us build alignment quickly and hold each other to account.

We are a more effective, cohesive and better aligned team as a result of Ben's intervention.
Paul Junior Kasseyet
Product Manager
I worked with Ben for two months as a new engineering manager at Gousto. It was clear on my arrival that Ben had already had a transformative effect on the squad. He had built relationships with team members, built understanding rather than prescribing processes and identified the main challenges the squad was facing.

In particular, Ben had identified a high BAU load as being the main problem for the team and had begun work to demonstrate this to our stakeholders.

Ben helped me to understand these challenges quickly, and gave me the information and guidance I needed to tackle them. With Ben’s help the team was able to invest significant time in solving their BAU load.

Beyond achieving outcomes, Ben is simply an awesome person to work with. He brings calmness, humour and an ability to challenge in a thought provoking way.

I will miss working with Ben a lot - although given the number of times I hear the phrase “what would Ben say” I think we still have a bit of Ben in our team!
Jacob Holden
Engineering Manager
Before Ben worked with our teams, they were unsure how to kick off, prioritise and organise the delivery of their work. They needed to manage expectations and grow confidence with stakeholders.

Through Ben's coaching and facilitation, our teams built essential skills to better understand and forecast upcoming work. Today his responsive approach remains part of how those teams operate. He also helped to bring our engineering, product and delivery silos together.

Ben's communication style is clear and fair. He builds rapport quickly, but is still able to have hard (yet respectful) conversations when needed. Working with Ben became second nature and he went on to help several teams across the organisation.

Ben's experience and knowledge were head and shoulders above other agile coaches I have worked with. As a result, every team he joined made significant strides in their ability to deliver.
Mircea Gheorghiu
Senior Engineering Manager
I worked with Benjamin for a year whilst at ITV, in different teams but as part of the department's Agile community. I soon found him to be extremely approachable and knowledgeable and would often seek him out to ask for advice.

Benjamin is very organised, rational and perceptive. He coached me informally on a number of occasions and highlighted some team behaviours I would not have noticed or looked for ordinarily. I found Ben to be an energetic and motivating colleague to work with and really enjoyed my time working with him.
Jenny Brandon
Agile Coach

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